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Saddle Shoes: The back-story

Saddle Oxford shoes feature a main color with a contrasting color over the band of the shoe. Popular in the 1920's, 1930s, and 1940s, the Saddle Oxford Shoe has been able to stand the test of time. Every year more and more shoe manufacturers create their own version of the Saddle Oxford Shoe.

Saddle shoe construction

Saddle Oxford shoes use Goodyear welt construction. The welt is a leather or plastic material stitched from the insole to the upper that is also cemented and stitched to the mid-sole. Goodyear welt allows for air to continually flow throughout the shoe, creating a ventilation system which keeps the shoes durable.

The finest materials ensure your feet are comfortable even after hours of standing. Saddle shoes are ideal for professionals such as professors, hospice nurses, brokers, and teachers. Students who are required to wear Saddle Oxfords swear by their comfort and vintage style.

Since Saddle Oxford shoes are made with the best materials, they are favored among those with foot pain and ailments. The insole conforms to your foot protecting your ankles, joints, knees, and back. The Saddle Oxford shoes are capable of conserving energy and maintaining a healthy balance and coordination.

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